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Concept of Quantum Universe and Hindu Metaphysical Wisdom :
According to Big Bang Theory our universe was born around 13.7 billion Year ago by a massive explosion that blew space up like a gigantic balloon. In the very beginning both space and time were created in the big bang. Afterwards the universe was very hot, expanding soup of fundamental particles. At first, the Universe was dominated by radiation , soon quarks ( the fundamental particles) combined to form , baryons ( protons and neutrons) .When the Universe was three minutes old , it had cooled enough for these protons and neutrons to combine into nuclei. This is known as the time of nucleosynthesis. Hydrogen, helium, lithium and beryllium were produced. Remember that the nuclei of these atoms were created at that time. The Universe was still far too hot to allow these nuclei to attract electrons and form atoms. That did not happen for 300, 000 years. At this time the Universe cooled sufficiently for atoms to exist.
Echoes from these first atoms can still be seen in the Cosmic Microwave Background ( electromagnetic radiation left over from an early stage of the Universe in Big Bang Cosmology). But this process created only lightest 4 elements. Other 88 natural elements were created later on by fusion. So creation of the Universe started by the process of nucleosynthesis.
According to Big Bang Theory universe started from a state of nothingness.
According to Hindu Metaphysics, a lotus with Brahma ( personification of Universe ) on it sprouted from the navel of Vishnu ( Vishnu representing personification of multiverse , navel representing the nuceosynthesis and sprouting of lotus, the Big Bang) . The difference between the Hindu Metaphysical concept and Big Bang Theory is " According to Hindu Metaphysical concept, the Universe originated from the nucleus of multiverse ( represented by Vishnu) which existed prior to the formation of Universe and not from nothingness as suggested by Big Bang Theory.
Recently Canadian Scientists proposed that Big Bang is not the starting of the Universe, but Universe is a product of multiverse which already existed. This idea is same as the Hindu Metaphysics of the cycle of creation and destruction. According to Hindu Meta Physics Brahma is the creator of Universe ( known as Brahmand). As Brahma is tied up with the navel of Vishnu, the feeding energy provider to universe ( Brahma or Universe) is the Multiverse or Vishnu .According to Hindu Metaphysics Vishnu is the sustainer of life. In the cyclic process of creation and destruction, Shiva is considered to be the energy of destruction.
In the Universe, black hole energy is the energy of destruction. A black hole is A Star that has consumed so much of ii's energy that it is no longer able to release that energy and become overwhelmed by it's own gravitational force . In essence collapsing in on itself. This creates a tear or warp in the fabric of the Universe . This warp is theorized to bend time and space, and destruction of the Universe can set in.
The symbolism of Vishnu as multiverse and feeder of energy to Brahma or Universe, Brahma as creator of everything in the Universe by Quantum energy and Shiva, the black hole energy of the Universe, the destroyer is a Unique concept of Hindu Metaphysics, is an amazing ancient knowledge which is helping the modern scientists in better understanding of the Quantum Universe.
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